Gahana Griha

Gahana Griha is a jewelry house built with the foundations of ambition, a desire to stand apart, and a simple quest to serve our patrons.  A master of innovation and the ‘new’ and a slave to heritage and tradition, our raison d’etre is to be a beautiful part of our customer’s lives.

We have grown from humble beginnings of a 100 square feet store to earning the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the country. Creating emotional and financial value, delivering exclusivity, and crafting beautiful products has been instrumental in winning the affection of our patrons.

Our style statement.

Luxurious, unique, and accessible has been the defining features of the Gahana Griha product. Unapologetically extravagant at times and nuanced and subtle at others, we consistently push our style horizons.

From working with paper thin 24 carat gold for exquisite hand-made traditional Nepali jewelry to working with state-of-the-art machinery and tools for contemporary diamond jewelry, our karighars [craftsmen] are marrying the craft of their ancestors with the latest in jewelry technology.

Our Core Values.

Our unwavering commitment to our core value throughout the company is what has helped us nurture our clientele and establish our brand.  In all of Gahana Griha’s endeavors, we stick to the same values which also acts as our guiding principle:

Excellence in Service and Product.

Integrity and Trust.

Relentlessly Persevering.


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