For centuries, the yellow bullion has played has played a major role in economies and cultures across the world. Especially in our Nepali and South Asian culture, Gold is the single most important precious metal used to adorn deities, royalty, and our aspirational population alike. A status symbol for many, a store of wealth for some, religious symbols for other, and just beautiful shiny pure metal transformed into gorgeous jewelry for women and men alike, Gold will continue to be a major part of our culture and of our lives.

In addition to its use in jewelry, gold serves as an excellent investment avenue. In emerging and undeveloped economies, where the financial sector is far from mature, gold presents one of the very few opportunities for an investor to diversify their investment portfolio.

One of our goals is to make gold accessible to everyone in all shapes, sizes, and quantities. Our three gold and jewelry investment products allows customer with varying Investment and jewelry needs to invest in gold directly, to save up to purchase jewelry, to plan in advance, to get better value and heavier discounts.