Gold coins

Buying gold coins or bars is a direct and simple way to invest in gold. As an investor, you are directly buying the physical metal. We offer coins and biscuits in various sizes and quantity to suit the needs of the investor from starting from a 1-gram coin. All of our coins or biscuits are 24 karat and can be sold back to us at the prevailing gold rate of the day at any time. There are pros and cons of buying coins directly.

The pros include purchasing the metal directly, so there is no counter party credit risk and the metal can be sold in the future to any gold buyer all over the world. This form of gold investment is highly liquid and gives the investor the comfort of a tangible asset.

The cons include paying a slight premium to purchase the gold coin or the bar. The premium however is competitive with other gold investment products. Holding the metal by oneself also poses a security risk and one may have to expend additional ‘fees’ to secure the gold in a bank locker or elsewhere. Buying gold coins and bars is still the most widely used method for investing in gold in Asia primarily due to the ease of purchase, comfort of holding a tangible asset, and ease of liquidation.

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