GG Investments

GG Investments is an investment services firm helping clients to create or preserve their wealth.  We provide access to various investment products that may not be available to the clients easily.  In addition to providing access, our work for the client includes advisory, portfolio management, and execution.

We are committed to excellence in service at all levels and work only for the client at all times.

Why Us?

We deliver innovative investment solutions to meet the varying needs of a diverse clientele.  No other firm in Nepal has such a comprehensive suite of investment products and services under one roof.  All of our solutions are rigorously researched and executed flawlessly.  The solutions we provide reflect the innovative nature and insights that comes from a team with a global background, encompassing traditional asset classes such as real estate to the best in modern finance like commodities derivatives and venture capital.

Our Mission.

Our raison d’etre is to fulfill any of the client’s financial/investment objectives.

We serve as a conduit for clients to secure their financial futures.

Our Core Values. 

Client Driven – Our first priority is always the client. Nothing and no one precedes the client, including the company itself.

Entrepreneurship – We value creative solutions backed by boldness and leadership.

Accountability – We do not take responsibility lightly. No matter how big or menial the task at hand may be, we ensure accountability at each step.

Relentlessly Persevering – We never give up, no matter what.

World Class – Everything we do needs to be done in a world class manner. This means doing everything according to the highest international standards.

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